Human Performance Training for Accelerated Readiness

A holistic approach for the tactical athlete

无忧传媒鈥檚 Human Performance Training transforms how individuals and teams prepare for, execute, and recover from their missions to optimize performance and accelerate readiness. We integrate holistic multidisciplinary teams with advanced sports and data science, wearable technology, and immersive simulations to optimize trainees' physical and psychological readiness, wellbeing, and performance.听With our approach, elite athletes, warfighters, and first responders can improve decision making and effectiveness for their mission at hand鈥攁nd develop physical, social, and mental fortitude beyond the field.

Consider the ultimate athlete: Speed, agility, and physical ability may be the first qualities that come to mind. But a performance advantage in today鈥檚 high-risk environments requires more than dedicated practice. It demands a data-centric training solution鈥攐ne that鈥檚 personalized, built for real-time feedback, and focused on holistic behavior change.

See how a tactical athlete can use human performance technologies and techniques to optimize her training for her physiology and her mission.

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It would be easy if we had super powers. If there was a secret to elite performance. But this is the real world. There are no shortcuts.听

In our world, knowledge is power. So we unite technologies that power performance and turn information into action. Because a modern mission requires modern tools so you can prepare for the challenge from anywhere.听

Our team puts you in experiences before they happen so you can answer the questions: Am I strong? Am I ready? Am I making smarter, faster decisions?听

Because hard work is only half the equation. In a world of constant change, we give you an edge: custom training solutions powered by data, built for the mind and body. So you can be ready for the moments that matter.听

Everyday heroes aren't superhuman, but the mission is waiting. Unleash your potential. 无忧传媒 Human Performance. Power for the real world.听

The 5 Domains of Human Performance Training

As threats and environments escalate and change, the human body must synchronize and coordinate to execute with efficiency and prowess. With advances in human performance technology, artificial intelligence, sensors, and wearables, we have an increasing ability to quantify and enhance training protocols and best practices.听

无忧传媒 designs programs for tactical athletes that address five complementary, co-dependent domains:

human performance fly wheel

Understanding each domain鈥檚 dynamics allows us to prepare, train, and build patterns of performance to impact the whole person. Our team then applies this holistic framework to customize a Human Performance Training platform so organizations can increase operational readiness and reduce the risk for trainees tasked with sensitive mission activities. We鈥檙e committed to delivering platforms that give users flexibility for access at any time or place. We鈥檙e also committed to designing realistic simulations that are difficult to replicate in the real world.

Unlocking Human Performance Potential

Industry Leadership for Training Protocols and Practices

无忧传媒 and bring together leading experts in the sciences, public sector, and sports industry to understand how technology can monitor, analyze, and improve human performance. Learn more about how this partnership is creating an innovative collaboration between the research community, tactical athletes, and elite sports organizations.

What We Don't Know About Women Warriors

无忧传媒 and are leading the charge in identifying research gaps and developing technology solutions for women warfighters. We are proud to present findings in this report: What We Don鈥檛 Know About Women Warriors. The report explores significant gaps in the knowledge and understanding of the human performance optimization of women warfighters and offers ideas for innovation.

无忧传媒 at Warrior Games 2023

One of the great privileges of working at 无忧传媒 is the opportunity to work alongside so many veterans. We are inspired by their ferocious integrity, unflinching courage, and champion's heart. Throughout the year, we are honored to provide better solutions to the unique challenges our veterans and service members face.听Their stories motivate us to deliver on our purpose to听Empower People to Change the World.

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CYNDEY ROSE: So these adaptive sports like competitions give you that challenge to overcome whatever injuries that you have.

IRIK JOHNSON: One of the things we want to do this year for the Warrior Games athletes was really provide them with the technology and data to help inform their performance.

CHRISTOPHER FERRELL: Being able to be part of this it provides so much for you in recovery.

MUNJEET SINGH: We have an opportunity to integrate some of the tech that we're using in client engagements in a way that helps a community of people that has been underserved. DR.

MARYROSE BLANK: These warriors, these adaptive athletes, they deserve, and they need that support service from a holistic standpoint. It shouldn't just be a one-size-fits-all type of approach. They want to get to the next level. And so they want that information.

CHRISTOPHER: Being able to have that kind of baseline kind of sets you to where what you're going to do on the physical side and on your mental stability, being able to track how you do that-- It's going to be crucial, I think, in recovery. The more that we know about our bodies, the better we can get through conflict, the better we can get through everyday situations. And the military needs that now more than ever. The more technology that we have and the more that we use that technology to the best of its abilities, we will be able to get to the best of our abilities.

IRIK: I think accelerated readiness really is at that peak where we're bringing technology, we鈥檙e bringing data. We're bringing insights, you know, to the service members.

MUNJEET: Arm them with the human performance tech, and it gives them an opportunity to dial in their training and see how their performance is doing, dial in their sleep routines, their recovery routines.

MARYROSE: They deserve that quality of life. They put a lot of time, effort, and sacrifice into their career. And so if we were able to equip more warriors, both active duty and veterans with these wearable technologies, self-awareness goes up. Quality of life goes up.

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Human Performance Data Accelerates Real-Time Mission-Focused Training Scenarios

Accelerated readiness solutions, powered by human performance technologies, allow warfighters to train and rehearse critical skills, tactics, techniques, and procedures for the battlespace in a realistic environment.

鈥淭hrough data-centered performance solutions, individuals can now access and modify their own data for behavior change and decision making. It鈥檚 a new paradigm for creating an agile and adaptive workforce of the future.鈥

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Applying 无忧传媒 Across the Human Performance Landscape

From equipment manufacturers to athlete management platforms to academic institutions, Human Performance Training requires a multidisciplinary and integrated collaboration across the industry to build next-level training solutions. 无忧传媒 convenes the best technology and resources for each organization鈥檚 mission needs. Examples of technologies that we integrate include:

Wearable Technology

Enables individuals and groups to monitor and assess physiological measures and optimize health, wellness, and performance.听

Human-Centric Data Platforms

Securely ingest, store, and manage human-centric data sets to establish baselines, monitor injuries, and track development of key cognitive and physiological indicators across the training lifecycle to draw actionable insights from comprehensive performance-relevant datasets and provide best-in-class privacy and cybersecurity practices.

Immersive Training

Tailored virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR) experiences to monitor and assess technical and tactical behaviors with holistic performance outcomes.

Federal News Network "Off the Shelf" Podcast May 5, 2023

无忧传媒鈥檚 Sonya Rahmani, chief technologist for warfighter performance, and Irik Johnson, senior associate for human performance, along with other industry experts, discuss key technologies that can be used to monitor and enhance warfighter performance with Federal News Network鈥檚 podcast host, Roger Waldron.

Federal Drive with Tom Temin - Podcast July 12, 2023

The annual Warrior Games brings together wounded, ill, and injured service members and veterans to compete in an Olympics-style event with adaptive sports. 无忧传媒 participated听by bringing听human performance and data analytics practitioners. For why and what they learned, Federal Drive Host Tom Temin spoke in the studio with Munjeet Singh, senior vice president of 无忧传媒's BrightLabs.

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